Thursday, August 29, 2019

NW2N S04E34

Factice Factory - Wie Raben Extended Mix
Our unseen guest - If I Burn
No - Couper Le Cercle
Hearts and Rockets - Panic Dream
UIU - Dreams
Roles - empty room 
Triumphant Race - She Goes
Cross Dragger  -  Ether Nails
[melter]  - Firefly
Vestron vulture - Weistcutter
Drab Majesty - Dolls In The Dark
Minuit Machine - I Am A Boy 
Климентово поле - Художник
Blind Delon - Rule I

NW2N S04E33

No - Never
Pleasure Motel - Long Hot Summer
Unknown - Gratifiktion
A Cloud of Ravens - Sacred Hearts
DenMother - Sure It's Fine; It's Time For Bed
Sterk Water - Nergens Naartoe
A Transition  - Still Alive
The Cool Greenhouse - Cardboard Man
AirStripOne - On the Road to Kawasaki
Our unseen guest - I Still Believe
Intersigno - Beyond the flames
Miss Kitten and the Hacker - Zombie Nation
This Is The Bridge - Close It Down
Fornicata - Sustained in the Cruelty
Distant Stars  - NW2Noise

Thursday, August 15, 2019

New Ways To Noise - S04E32

Contre Soirée - She is right
Fatamorgana - El Amanecer
Mannequin - Them
Pool boy - LEGS
Buzz Kull - Ode To Hate
Plastikstrom - Wandertag
Loi Loi - Do You Want To Start A War?
Tronik Youth - Counternance
Nonn - Time
Marta Raya - Automatisch
Lower Synth Department - Drowning Butterflies
konstantin unwohl - zeit
Nova Guardia - March
Nervous Curtains - How to Survive the End of Time
Sexy Suicide - Techno Scar

Thursday, August 1, 2019

NW2Noise - S04E31

Singularity - Spatial Relation
Pretend - A Transition
Drive To Dive - Regressverbot
Busted - Pool boy
XIU  - MemoryClapAcid
Worries - Frustration
Bodies  - Peace Corpse
All Messed Up - Trevor Something
Somos Stompers - Pagan Struck
Paranoiak - Frankreich
Same Speed - Monoworld
Time Lapse - Night of Dreams
Dignitas - Ex-Partner
On This Bed - Mind Teardown
The Piper at the Gates of Detroit - Artist Unknown

NW2N - S04E30

Martin Lloyd - L'Amant Electronique
English Death - I Went Searching for God 
MemoryClapAcid - Shaved Women 
Postmodernism forms- RED
Trevor Something All Messed Up
Japanese Heart Software- Loner
Whirlywirld - Win Lose
Human Puppets - Moving Closer
Fokker - In the Tear Garden
Kælan Mikla - Kalt
closed mouth - We Are Strangers
Sixth June     - Without A Sign
Soma Holiday - Shake Your Molecules
VÄäristymä - Pulma
Crone - tipping point

NW2N S03E29

Galatée - Black Heart, Diamond Heart
Minuit Machin - Empty Shell
Vacio Negro - Suffer
Mala Herba - Wszystko Marność 
Пожар - Не просто так
Mannequin - Them
Asylum Party - Julia
Drab Majesty - Ellipsis
Peppy Pep Pepper - Fade
Kælan Mikla - Nornalagið
Mind Teardown - Liver
Firemensch - Totschlagen
Rue Oberkampf - Le Train 
Yestergrey - Sure As One Can Be
Les animaux sauvages - Moroder