Thursday, April 11, 2019

NW2N S04E15

Grado 33 - Nueva Ola
Ghastly Shadows - Envy
Neonlichter Im Ausverkauf - Roboter Alarm
Lip Critic - Entry Level Stud
Diesel Dudes - Sixty Nein!
The Hollow Dolly - An End To Lies
Xibling - Sheets of White Paper
Dark Water - Siren Song
La Main Froide - Taxistas
The Stave Church - Shattered
Lucifer Alpha - Subversion
Koban - You Don't Know Where You Come From
Wavering Hands - Gatekeeper
Bracco - Wave Me Not
Werther Effekt - Pesadelo E Nada
Distant Stars- NW2Noise

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