Wednesday, December 23, 2020

NW2Noise - S05E50 - 2020 Festive Thirty

Peppy Pep Pepper - Design For Living
No Statues - Overtime
DenMother - A dream is a window into another one of your timelines
In Aeternam Vale - Night Meets Day
Stahl Illusion - Ξερνά Η Αγάπη Θάνατο
Jonny Telafone - For the Plague Dogs
Jean-Michel Jarret - We Need Distance
Null Command - Fetch Request
Black Cab - Hanna
Eartheater - Below the Clavicle
Karlův Týn - Ukusil Sugrob
Die Traurigen - Damnation
Il Quadro di Troisi - Raggio verde
Tilly Electronics - Kaffee & Katze
Oberst Panizza - Last Man In Europe
Hearts and Rockets - Dead As Disco
The Violent Youth - Ya Vlublyon
Psychedelic Headshot - Ganz Allein
Radikal Kuss - Diktatur der Stille
Bleach Cult  - A Coke With Hollie
Potential - Welcome to Hell, Idiot
Welcome Center - Only the Dead Stay Seventeen Forever
When She Was Bad - Blind spot
Screensaver - Strange Anxiety
Cawatana  - In Deep Timelessness
Truck Stop Alien - Heavier Than Heaven
Incirrina - Shrapnel Words
Disko Sektr - Automatik Kult
The Damski - Dance of the Cynical
L.A Suffocated - Star Shaped

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