Thursday, March 18, 2021

NW2Noise - S06E10

Sworn in the void - Neon Hell
Dont Get Lost - Burning City
Black It Out - Soft Glass
Ночной король  - КУЗИНА  
Dead Wives - Newborn Ghost
Einfach da sein - Kompromat
Doomsday Holiday - Jeweled Snakes
Gone - Tableraz
 Perfume and Syphilis - Mitra Mitra
 Amour Ultraviolent - Aude Vaisselle
Le chien est un loulou pour l'homme - Petit Bourgeois Sauvage
Strange Machine - Convex Model
 In My Room  - The Eyes of Olivia Wilde
As Old As New - Dancing Plague
Muros - Depresion Radikal
La Pretesa Paranoica - Diviso2

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