Friday, June 4, 2021

NewWays To Noise - S06E20

We don't want to sleep - Hanging Freud
Dying for You - Vacant Windows
Gris - Depresion Radikal
Death of the Soul - Perturbator
Tranzyt W - Wladyslaw Trejo
Health - Ex-Heir
No Regrets - Meager Benefits
Dismal Days - Esche Yggdrasil
Pogo - Potochkine
Thrills - Glass Spells
New Scars - Deaf Dance
Η βία που όλους μας ενώνει -    Saru/Muna
Nemaje Sliv - Kurs Valüt
A transparent projection - Peppy pep pepper
Всем - Rape Tape
Fragrance - Morthem Vlade Art
Tremendous - Vision Factory


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