Saturday, October 9, 2021

New Ways To Noise - S06E38

 Screensaver - Buy Sell Trade
Violet Silhouette - There Is No Way Out
Mängelexemplar - Hej Hej Hej
Laughing Gear - In A Tank
Γεμάτος Αράχνες,ρε Φίλε!   - Σκιά [Στάχτες]   
Das Kinn - Stirn reicht ins Genick
Venus In Noise - No More
Actor Red -  Across The City
Parralox - The Black Hit Of Space
Vlimmer - Restfall
Dead Anyway - Tinkerbell
Columbarium Station - The Shadow Has Been Cast
John, Paul, George, Ringo & Richard - Misery Machine
Rubber Nurse - Last Lovers On Earth
Planet - Galaxens Vinklar Och Vrår
VAZUM - Frankenstein Gurl

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