Thursday, January 6, 2022

NW2N - S07E01

 Sacre Bleu! - Skull Dance
Clara Le Meur - T'as fait un glitch
T.U.M.S.A.    - Migla
Severine Day - Invisible Friends
VAZUM -Gallows
Ruby Lustre - Ricochet
Nass Zuruck - Bad blood
Walls Of Poland - Your Leather Jacket
RBRNRSE  - Supernova
SCHWUND - Gespenst
Art Fact - Rain In The South
Sexual Purity- In the Ocean
нат.аша - Coffe-To-Go-Becher
Dear Agent - Prospects
RŒNTGEN - You don't have to do this
This Is The Bridge - New Ways To Noise

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